Saturday, August 12, 2017

Hey everyone!

I just received some awesome book corner protectors.  These things are BOSS! If you'd like to make a purchase, please visit the link to my online Etsy shop below.  I just got confirmation from a couple orders in Germany and the UK that these things held up beautifully despite being shipped all the way from the US!  I get really disappointed when the corners get smashed during shipment.  So, I'm trying very hard to rectify that problem.

Etsy link HERE

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  1. Just wanted to say, I got the book today! Very beautiful, well put together! Thank you also, for your little "thank you" note and signing it, that's really cool! You handled the shipping nicely, and I hope to order more works from you again in the future! Have fun drawing! -Kayden/Ebonyfangs